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How to generate more leads

Your price engine is extremely efficient at converting website visitors in to leads but it can only do its job if you drive traffic to your website and make sure visitors can easily find the price engine link.

Tip 1.

Make sure you've added the price engine link to every page of your website.

If you need help with this please email

Why do I need to add these links to my website?

To give your website visitors a compelling reason to give you their contact details.

Tip 2.

Add your website address and "Get an instant quote online" to all your advertising, including: press, leaflets, vans, business cards etc

Why do I need to advertise my website?

To attract all those customers who won't or can't contact you by phone; like those who:

  • see your advert outside of office hours
  • are at work when they see your advert
  • aren't quite ready to talk to a sales person
  • are thinking of contacting your competitors instead of you

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